testimonial 1

Kaily R.

“My overall experience was pretty good! There were moments where I thought recovery stalled, but before I knew it major progress was made!”

testimonial 2

Micheal R.

“I’ve had an excellent experience here. Steve and Noah are the example of highly trained and skilled professionals.”

testimonial 3

Ed K.

“This is my second time here, and it has been a great experience, my granddaughter even comes here.”

testimonial 4

Jim D.

“The swelling and fluid drainage in my legs have stopped, I am now able to wear comfortable shoes!”

testimonial 5

Holden M.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been able to walk and do activities!”

testimonial 6

Melissa W.

“I have had a positive experience with every person at Core from the office staff to the therapists. I am so grateful I chose Core.”


Danita C.

“Core Rehab as the BEST therapy choice. Everyone here cares about the patients and they are friendly, professional and have helped me greatly.”

testimonial pic-8

Matthew Q.

“The change in my strength and absence of pain has been astonishing! I am back to playing soccer after a year off.”

testimonial pic-9

Ronald J.

“Improved ability to stand for long periods and general strength improvement.”